My Favourite Links!

Australian Prayer Network
The Australian Prayer Network is believed to be the largest prayer network in Australia. Their purpose is to resource those within the Body of Christ called to pray for Australia and the world. They do not conduct prayer meetings but are a resource for prayer groups.

24-7 Prayer Canada
This is a ministry that exists to transform the world through movements and communities of Christ-centered, Mission-minded prayer.  They do this through a variety of ways that are driven by friendship rather than function, respecting and honouring cultural diversity.

Red Leaf Prayer
This ministry is a  virtual “prayer room” where people from all across Canada connect in prayer via Skype or telephone.

National House of Prayer Ottawa
The National House of Prayer has been established since 2005 and is committed to praying for the Government of Canada. They have an on-going presence of praying people in the halls of our Federal Government.

Canada In Prayer
Canada In Prayer began in 1998 as a network of individual intercessors and prayer groups. The is to provide Canadians here and overseas with a forum focused on strategic prayer for renewal and revival – first in our churches and then in our nation.